Gears in Motion

by On Hollow Ground

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Technical metalcore with djent and deathcore influence.


released December 30, 2013

Jack Flynn - Vocals & Synth
Ryan Scott - Guitar & Vocals
Adam Gadsby - Guitar
Bob Howe - Bass
Joe Wood - Drums

Programming Ryan Scott & Jack Flynn
Mix and mastered by Daniel Herring



all rights reserved


On Hollow Ground Leeds, UK

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Track Name: A Blissful Unknowing
I'm grasping at straws and clutching to dreams, and my grip is getting tighter
I refuse to let go I've still got the strength, I refuse to let go, I've yet to be molded down, I've still got the strength.

When you know what you want never let it go,
it's what you need to hold to be yours to hone
Chase your dreams and never let up, this is your life, this is your love,
you still have the strength..

This is your life - This is your love - This is your blood - This is your home.

There's nowhere else I want to fit, nowhere else I want to be more, nowhere else left for me... but right here, screaming these words, as if they matter.

This is your love
This is your life.

There's a blissful unknowing to the mundane
It's lead by guidelines, to which we toe the line
There's a blissful unknowing to the mundane
There's more to be done, here than falling in line.

Reset to the factory way, where dreams don't exist.
Track Name: Reference
It concerns them but it concerns you too
Because were mere consoles containing equipment
Of memories and thoughts which are unique to your person
But not because you created them, because your environment it created you
It concerns them but it concerns you too.

What are we? Just mere product of reference
Arrogant enough to believe that we have the power to adapt
There's no escaping, there's no adapting this threat,
There's no adapting, no escaping mind or thought.

What is the meaning of what we lead? There's no escaping mind or thought
What is the meaning of what we lead? Just show me free will

All trapped in the confines of predetermined choices
Uniqueness simply spawned by culture
Reference supporting creativity
How do we meet our own conclusions?
All trapped in the confines, of predetermined choices
It concerns them, but it concerns you too.

Look at the sham of the life we lead, we're all imprisoned with no bars.

Show - me - free - will.

Show me free will.
Show me the life you think you lead.
Track Name: Tolerance
Your ideals are flawed
Your opinions outdated
You're living in a world gone by

Today is today and today we won't tolerate the intolerant,
Yeah that makes sense.
The world has governed its way into a corner, to which there's no escape.
Boarders that divide the world, this is our society of Earth.
Why division? Why the boarders? We are one.

We are one.

Why restrict planet earth, why restrict its reason?

All born on planet earth, all within one universe,
We're all from here, why complicate this life?

Why division? Why the boarders? We are one.

We're all different, we're not the same humanity is unique,
but there's one thing no-one can deny, no matter how are you try,
no matter how deeply, these thoughts may be,
tucked away inside we are human we are one - one with mother earth.
Track Name: The Effort Exerted
Masochistic the effort exerted
Drained of the resource that triggers
Body begins to ache, exertion is torment
Crying our for air there's no respiration
A cooling atmosphere is never in sight
I can think there's no rational
What happens is pure manipulation
Adrenaline overflows as does emotion.

Through misty lights I comprehend no face
The sweat from my brow it runs into my eyes
The over buckling pain, the euphoric vibe has no time to register
It's beginning to hurt.


Desperation for deprived respiration
Dedication to instil the exertion.

Catch your breath
Calm yourself
Take your time to feel

*drum solo*

Tell me this isn't the end
Tell me this isn't the end.
Tell me this isn't the end.
Tell me this isn't the end.