by On Hollow Ground

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This is the first track off of our upcoming untiled second EP, estimated to drop in the second half of 2014!


Born into servitude
Fuck committing our lives
To scrape to afford that roof for shelter
To be forever indebted today, tomorrow
No, when was this life ever a choice?
Consuming what we don't even need
Forever indebted

It's only a matter of time
We're growing more aware
We're seeing with our eyes
And thinking with our minds

This structure won't suffice long term
The debts are infinite, the burdens are too real

Pointless consumption cleverly being packed
This is our inheritance you're running into the ground
Because we could be the change you don't want to see
But while there's greed, while there's "progress" we cannot be free.

We won't even stand
Where life once stood
Its just getting worse
It's dying from the inside
*We're powerless*
It's regarded as redundant
The end will be abrupt
Fuck standing by
This will be the end

If we continue this way we won't even stand where life once fucking stood.

You won't even stand
Where life once stood

You won't even stand
Where life once stood


released April 22, 2014
Vocals - Jack Flynn/Ryan Scott
Guitar- Adam Gadsby
Guitar - Ryan Scott
Bass - Bob Howe
Drums - Joe Wood
Synths/Programming - Jack Flynn

Produced by Phil Richardson at Audiowire Studios.



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On Hollow Ground Leeds, UK

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